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“The measure also contained $75 billion for hospitals and $25 billion for testing …”

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First, … give states what they need to manage a vigorous testing regime to control further spread of the virus.

@jimtankersley @GovChristie Editorial board NYTimes:

“Testing is how we let people start returning safely to work, to school, to stores”

@jimtankersley @GovChristie Louis Kaplow

“Random population testing is the key …”

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Why We Must Test Millions a Day

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@jimtankersley @GovChristie @divyasiddarth @glenweyl @JeffBezos Many authors in the Lancet writing to support the plan for universal testng by Jullian Peto

@jimtankersley @GovChristie @divyasiddarth @glenweyl @JeffBezos Kaiser Family Foundation

“But, by any measure, it is clear that we are far from being able to do enough tests to enable us to move to the next phase of responding to the pandemic in states across the country.”

@jimtankersley @GovChristie @divyasiddarth @glenweyl @JeffBezos Challenged by slow test results, Kaiser Permanente Northern California rallies to build its own lab in just 60 days

“… capable of performing 10,000 tests a day.”

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“The case for ending the Covid-19 pandemic with mass testing”